Data Destruction

How Do I Protect My Data on an Unwanted Electronic?

In our modern era of technological innovation, everyone understands that the security of data and information is vital to business success. Your data is far more precious than the hardware it is kept on. This precious data includes vital information like:

  • Passwords
  • Photos
  • Private Files
  • Online Records
  • Accounts Information
  • Financial Information
  • Patient Records and much more.

These vital bits of information must be protected to ensure your success. If it is time to dispose of a machine or the data itself, it must be destroyed or wiped physically through secured data formatting. If certified data destruction and security is not properly performed, it could result in irreparable damages that are worth millions of dollars. A mess like this can also destroy your business’s reputation.

To help businesses properly dispose of sensitive data, ITRecycles has developed secure data destruction programs and a centrally managed process. When you take advantage of our services, we will guarantee you 100 percent data security. Our experts will completely wipe and restore the electronic storage device or hard drive that is currently holding your data, making it as if the device had never been used. If necessary, we can also remove all of your data from the disk drive. We ensure that all confidential information and data will be completely wiped and destroyed with 100 percent safety of privacy. Our special services are designed with the fundamentals of accountability and transparency in mind. This means that we can provide a specific chain-of-custody (CoC) for each asset so you know everything has been removed. With our certified data security reporting, you can have peace of mind when destroying data or wiping a machine.

How Does the Data Destruction Process Work?

Our specially developed data security systems are built to automate the implementation of data destruction as a basic piece of a managed process. We understand that our clients view data security as a zero-tolerance discipline. That is why we provide proof of what we have done with your data. ITRecycles certified data destruction service solutions will wipe data from all data-bearing equipment.

The team at ITRecycles has the expertise and experience to deliver the reliable and risk-free asset disposal and recycling services listed above. We are also able to provide these specialized disposal services at an affordable rate, giving each customer an effective solution for your asset recycling needs.

What Data Destruction Services Do You Offer?

Military-Grade Data Destruction
Hard Drive Shredding
Extensive Tracking & Certification

We will work with you to create an individualized plan that reduces distractions, enhances overall performance and maximize your returns. When considering the disposal of your assets, data safety, risk mitigation and protecting your company’s reputation are what we do best!

Why Should I Trust IT Recycles With My Data Destruction Needs?

Disposing of your broken or obsolete assets can be a difficult, stressful and confusing process. Let the experts at ITRecycles guide you through each stage of the process. When you choose to work with us, you will avoid the high demands of properly disposing of your redundant or outdated equipment because we will take on the burden. We do this by offering each client a complete range of services that will handle all end-of-life (EOL) asset issues associated with your business equipment.

There are many reasons why you should trust ITRecycles to handle your data destruction needs, including:

All data destruction is completely certified by our central systems to maintain audit trail on-site.
With our secured logistics, nothing will be lost or missing in route.
We only utilize security-cleared personnel and a confined logistics system to dispose of client data.
The physical destruction of data populates a long-term security repository and sets off guaranteed indemnification.
We offer shredding options for all data containing devices.
We can provide a provision of certified reporting to be used as evidence when you need to prove compliance.

At ITRecycles we are proud to offer an eco-friendly, zero cost and convenient disposal of retired equipment, allowing you to get rid of unwanted assets the right way. We ensure that we consistently comply with all federal, state and local regulations in regards to the disposal of assets. With this assurance, you can be sure your obsolete equipment is completely safe from data leaks.

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