Asset Recovery

What is Asset Recovery?

Asset recovery, also called investment or resource recovery, is a special process that maximizes the value of end-of-life or unused assets by effectively reusing or divesting them. ITRecycles is happy to offer asset recovery solutions that are specially designed to maximize the ROI on your company’s technology investment.

ITRecycles offers our clients many benefits including:

  • Instant turnaround
  • A global network of reliable buyers
  • Favorable payouts
  • And more!

ITRecycles will efficiently facilitate fast asset recovery services that are specifically formulated to facilitate your preferences. Asset management is a specific area that we are extremely skilled in. Asset management essentially joins financial, contractual and inventory functions so they support the strategic decision making and life cycle management for an environment. These assets include all types of software and hardware that are typically found in a business environment.

This intense process typically involves developing a detailed hardware and software inventory which can be used to make decisions about purchases and redistribution. Through our services we can help organizations efficiently manage their systems as well as save them time and money by avoiding unnecessary asset purchases. We believe in promoting the use of existing resources and will help you use them in the most efficient way. With our excellent asset management options, our clients are guaranteed outstanding results.

How Does IT Recycles Provide Asset Recovery Solutions?

ITRecycles is able to provide a wide range of asset recovery solutions by making use of a collection of asset recovery solutions that are designed specifically for the client’s situation or condition. This personalized service will make it possible for our clients to obtain the most for their used, unwanted or surplus stock. Along with this benefit, our asset recovery solutions can be designed to meet your planning and logistic concerns.

ITRecycles features a comprehensive strategy that will enhance our client’s results. We make sure to utilize several strategies that are designed to enhance the sale of your excess or unwanted equipment. These special strategies include:

Items Remarketing
Charitable Donations
Employee Product Sales

Our team is keen on providing solutions that are completely suitable to your organization. We also design them to be flexibility and flow with your business needs. Our specialized asset management and recovery team is skilled and will provide you with innovative solutions that are aimed at maximizing your yields as well as minimizing the risks that are associated with asset recovery and the proper disposal of excess equipment.

Can IT Recycles Help Me?

ITRecycles features a portfolio that offers a variety of services, from strategic information technology support to asset disposition and recovery. When you are ready to retire or replace your equipment, be sure to select an asset disposition partner who can provide you with all the services you need. ITRecycles can offer you these solutions with our comprehensive and integrated services that manage the reuse or disposition of retired assets. Our unique services will provide you with a wide range of benefits, including:

A single point of contact for all customers so we can manage remote facilities
Hardware resale and value recovery programs that can greatly reduce your costs
Enhanced data protection with our highly effective and reliable data destruction process
Effective logistics management solutions
Low logistics and transport costs
Redundant asset processing capabilities

ITRecycles offers customer-focused asset disposition solutions. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will provide you with a secure and environmentally friendly platform that will be specifically designed to meet your business’s goals. ITRecycles can help both on-site and off-site, ensuring your data equipment is properly erased and disposed of. No matter what your asset disposal needs may be, the team at ITRecycles has you covered.

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